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So I saw this place a couple years back and always had my eye on it. My wife and I shopped around for houses but could never find what we wanted because in our price range everything needed work. So I remembered SOHO and went by and took a look. We absolutely loved it. My wife is a hair stylist so we set up a studio salon at the bottom because these places are mixed use and zoned commercial. It saves us 3k per month because she doesn’t have to pay for a studio now. The place is built really well and any minor issues were resolved immediately. Love the location and our neighbors are great. If you have a business and want to run it from home, SOHO is the perfect set up. Not to mention the tax break you receive.
John Hugger
I recently purchased a town home at 421 West 6th Street, Tempe, Arizona from Catclar. Based upon my experience with Catclar, I am pleased to provide this letter of recommendation.

I am a developer myself and have developed, from the ground up, more than 300 condominium units over the last ten years. Accordingly, I am well acquainted with development and construction. It has been a pleasure dealing with Catclar, in all respects, throughout the design and purchase process. But I would like to note two specific attributes in particular: First, the quality of our town home is outstanding. Most importantly, the quality of what the consumer cannot see (i.e., plumbing, insulation and everything “behind the walls”) is first rate. I visited the site throughout the build process and can attest to the fact that no corner was cut and every effort was made to provide an exceptional product. The attention to detail was truly impressive. Second, Catclar was completely receptive and responsive to our desires throughout the “punch list” process prior to closing. Each item that we suggested needed to be “tweaked” (and there were not many) was attended to quickly and professionally, without complaint. This is a company that proudly stands behind their product and values their relationships. We are very pleased with our purchase.​
Neil S. Cumsky
CEO, Princeton Resorts Group, LLC
When my wife and I were looking for an upscale urban home that we could downsize to, in a neighborhood we would consider home- it was a daunting task for us. We didn’t know where to begin or what questions to ask.

As our search became focused in the Tempe area, we identified several home options that had some of the items our relocation checklist. That was until we found the home on 421 West. It absolutely met all of our requirements and then some. The location was perfect for our family and we were able to work with the team to add unique features to the home, to truly make it ours.

The best part was that we completely enjoyed the professionalism and dedication the 421 West team had throughout the process. The only regret we had was not working with the 421 West team on purchasing the home sooner. We definitely recommend the 421 West team when looking for your next upscale urban home.
Christus Family
421 West Residents
I am so happy during my research of property in Scottsdale to have found Soho! My husband and I are so looking forward in living part-time in this modern, beautiful, well planned project. We were looking for something different, easy to maintain when we are traveling and so happy to have found this project. Love the artistic innovation plan of the Live/Work loft and Townhome development. The new technology with the Gigablast from Cox will work well as my husband works from home and this will make a very easy access for him. Irene has been wonderful to work with and has addressed our every need.

The amenities of having the first floor restaurant, bakery etc. will be a fun addition to make for a quick easy stop to purchase what you need, rather than having to leave your community. We are more than excited to move into our new residence. Hopefully very soon.
Denise Recchia
Soho Resident

Clients & Investors

Irene Clary, acting as Manager for Clarendon Estates project, successfully acquired, rezoned, developed, acquired financing, and built 11 luxury town homes in the Town of Carefree. The town homes were successfully sold off the plans and were built to the satisfaction of the community.

Irene also managed a second project known as Parklawn homes, which consisted of 162 residential lots. This condominium building, which is comprised of 100 units, also housed an underground parking structure for The Hotel Valley Ho. Irene successfully found solutions to design the structure to the satisfaction of the luxury hotel owner and to design the condo building using unique design measures.

Both projects were successful and well received by the Municipalities that they were built in. The funding entity was very pleased by the well managed process of the projects.

I acted as the investment partner on both projects and was very pleased with the returns generated.
Jerry Moyes
Investment Partner